A Laptop
Socket SDK

Build lean, fast, cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile, using the web technologies you already know.

  • Use any "backend", ie Python, Rust, Node.js
  • Bring your own framework, ie React, Svelte
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • UDP, TCP & File I/O in JS on Mobile
  • Less than 20Mb base memory footprint
  • Less than 1Mb base binary distributable
  • Uniform DX across platforms
  • Minimal, readable and maintainable


This is an early preview. You will need access to install this binary. Please join our discord to request it. Mac Linux Windows brew install ssc sudo apt-get install ssc nuget install ssc

Getting Started

In a new directory run ssc init. This will create an ssc.config file, and create a src directory with an a index.html file in it.

Running ssc compile -r . will create build directory and place the built artifacts in it. The -r flag will find and run the binary for you. This is it! Click one of the links below to move onto some more advanced features.